Since its formation, Bridge4Bio has developed a growing number of key global clients and alliances. Because of this worldwide network of consulting partners sharing broad experience in all sectors and facets of life science, B4B can help clients achieve their goals in a timely, cost-effective manner. Our worldwide contacts enable us to deliver services critical to business development and improvement and serve as the collaborative and critical partner in bridging alliances for success.

If you are contacting the following companies directly, please use B4B as a reference.

Business Alliances



eevalueSCIENCE carefully assesses scientific merit, innovation potential and commercial relevance/sustainability for industry and academia. Leveraging a network of international specialists through a standardized peer review process, it delivers expert consulting services for both R&D programs and investment projects in the life sciences that are second to none.


Astra Biotech GmbH

Astra Biotech offers a wide range of high-quality reagents and diagnostic kits for detecting of human hormones, genetic diseases, tumor markers and allergens.



Biocision, the CoolRack™ company, is a leading maker of portable benchtop tools for temperature-sensitive biomedical samples. Biocision’s highly thermo-conductive CoolRack and complementary product lines are used by researchers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, and health care industries worldwide.



Biophoretics creates and provides advanced tools for exploration to serve life scientists worldwide. Its mission is to help improve human, animal and plant health by providing innovative hardware, software and chemical solutions that facilitate exploration and improve productivity in the areas of basic biology, disease pathways and drug discovery.



Julabo is a worldwide manufacturer of constant temperature circulators for research, science and industry. Since 1967, Julabo has successfully pushed the development in the field of liquid temperature application and set standards by introducing many product innovations


Nag Research Laboratories

NRL's mission is to discover, develop and commercialize innovative biotechnology/alternative medicines/therapeutic products for research and unmet medical needs. NRL's team consists of highly specialized scientists with over 25 years of experience in biotechnology products and commercialization of therapeutic drug through innovative discoveries and developments.



Inspired by the sea and perfected by science, Nerites combines world-class technology with a management team that has a proven track record of bringing technical innovation to market. The company was founded in 2004 to commercialize a new generation of synthetic biomaterials that can enhance natural tissue repair, reduce complications from traditional devices, and degrade safely when they are no longer needed.


Ray Quality Systems Ltd. (RQS)

Ray Quality Systems (RQS) develops and markets advanced inspection and detection systems for a wide range of quality and safety applications, including food and feed, agriculture, environment, pharmaceuticals and other fields.



SERVA Electrophoresis is a high-quality developer and manufacturer, offering a broad range of biochemicals, reagents, albumins, collagenase, dialysis, enzymology and microscopy products, ion exchange media and, of course, its well-known electrophoresis products.



Wealtec is a quality manufacturer focusing on life science laboratory equipment. With products ranging from basic laboratory apparatus such as mini centrifuges and block heaters, to electrophoresis equipment and sensitive imaging systems, Wealtec is dedicated to providing life science labs at various levels with an all-around solution to everyday laboratory equipment needs.



Xenometrix produces and distributes today's most advanced Ames mutagenicity assays (microfluctuation assays) and cytotoxicity screening kits designed to reduce the amount of test compound,†hands-on time and consumables.


SeouLin Biosciences

SeouLin Biosciences is the leading Korean distributor and manufacturer focused in the life sciences. SeouLin has been a strong presence in biotech since its founding in 1984, representing some of the best global companies in Korea. SeouLinís success is due to its culture of organizational and human awareness, combined with strong technical and sales competency.


ProLog Logistics

ProLog Logistics is focused on delivering high-quality and cost-effective operational outsourcing solutions. Utilizing two state-of-the-art distribution facilities in the US, coupled with a centralized call center, ProLog is ideally positioned to meet the operational needs of its clients. ProLog provides order fullfillment and warehousing, e-commerce integration and support, call center and customer care, telephone sales and campaign execution, and inventory and purchasing management.

Service Partners

Web Site Design and Branding

Ann Jessen

Blue Coast Web provides experienced branding, web design, application development, and collateral design. By combining clients' business goals with strategic branding, interaction design and deep skills in web technology, Blue Coast Web provides solutions that are intuitive, usable, and express tangible returns to clients and their customers.

Communication and Writing

Bill Gette, Ph.D.

Full-service preparation of technology and product-focused trade journal articles, peer- reviewed research papers and technical notes.

Mark Allen

At Communications on the Mark, core capabilities include marketing services, creative services, integrated communications, electronic, digital & traditional print, website development & hosting, fulfillment & direct mail.

Janet Silver Ghent

Decades of experience in journalism, both writing and editing. Services include editing books and papers, preparing press materials, and writing and editing business communications.

Terry Landers

Editing, writing and illustrating life science research product instructions; providing descriptions and marketing collateral as well as PowerPoint presentations for technical or business audiences.

Phoenix Marcom

A UK-based marketing communications company specializing in the science and industry sector. Areas of expertise include exhibitions, graphic design, multimedia design, web design, marketing, publishing and web marketing.

Technical and Professional Services

ABD Life Science LTD

A boutique business development consulting firm based in Asia, specializing in biotech from early drug discovery to full-scale manufacturing, bioprocessing and engineering. Aiding local approval process; business analysis and strategies; sales, marketing and distribution, design and layout; audits and due diligence; and licensing.

Instream Partners

Instream Partners LLC is a boutique investment bank that offers financial advisory services. The firm provides mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, buyouts, financing, transactions, and buy-and-sell side advisory services. Additionally, it offers strategic advisory services including business assessment, operational analysis, enterprise valuation, growth policies and post merger integration. Instream Partners also provides fairness opinions and proprietary analytics.

PhorTech International

PhorTech International provides marketing research and technology assessment to companies participating in the life science research industry. Services include detailed multiclient research reports and custom market research, including new product concept tests and customer satisfaction surveys.

Sonata Biosciences

Provides engineering services to companies in the biological tools marketplace. As advanced surface and interfacial techniques are implemented on microfluidic devices, Sonata Biosciences helps clients take fundamental research results, leading in the design, fabrication and testing of prototype instruments for later commercialization.

Voler Systems

In business since 1980, providing highest-quality consulting engineering services for new product design and system integration. Creates innovative technology while meeting tight development schedules and budgets. Designs new electronic products and revises old products Experience with sensors ranging from thermocouples to cameras.

Exact Accounts, Inc.

Providing services for small to mid-size US companies in bookkeeping system setup or cleanup, general bookkeeping, training, business structure issues, new business issues, income tax planning and preparation, cash management, and budgets.

Niesar & Vestal LLP

Niesar & Vestal LLP is a general business law firm with a diverse practice representing individuals, emerging businesses, government entities and publicly held companies. Clients include individuals, emerging businesses, government entities and publicly held companies.

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