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Comprised of a global team of experts in leading and managing operations, marketing, sales and business development, B4B's approach is client driven. Forming partnerships and alliances to ensure success, the B4B team tailors its services to meet individual client's needs. B4B’s capabilities extends beyond its core senior consultants and draws on the expertise of advisors working in major biotechnology and life science growth markets worldwide.

Hugh Douglas, President (USA)

Hugh offers more than 20 years of experience in managing general operations, manufacturing, R&D, finance and administration, and marketing and business development. He also has experience in acquisitions and raising capital for new ventures. Hugh has a BA from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Golden Gate University. Most recently, he was managing director/president of Hoefer, Inc., a global electrophoresis company, as well as VP of West Coast Operations for Amersham Biosciences (now a part of GE Healthcare).

Ramana Tadepalli, Senior Vice President (USA)

Ramana brings more than 14 years of experience in strategic marketing, business development and product management for such companies as Biorad, Amersham Biosciences, GE Healthcare and Hoefer. Ramana has developed distribution and sales channels from the ground up and launched major global marketing campaigns for a number of companies. He has an MS in biotechnology and an MBA.

Bertil Djupsund, Senior Consulting Partner (Sweden)

Bertil has more than 35 years of experience in electrophoresis-based protein separation and purification. Bertil has an MSc. in Cell Biology from Åbo Akademi, Finland, where he first worked as a scientist in this field at both universities in Turku. He later joined the leading-edge institutions in Swedish industrial electrophoresis, LKB, Pharmacia and Amersham Biosciences, holding positions in sales and marketing. Bertil acted as European sales and marketing manager for Hoefer until he joined Bridge4Bio.

Tiina Sepp, Senior Consulting Partner (USA)

Tiina has more than 16 years of research and business experience with a broad scientific background in virology, as well as molecular and cell biology. She completed her graduate studies in Munich, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at University of California San Francisco. After transferring to the biotech industry, Tiina has held various technical and business management positions with Amersham Biosciences, BD Biosciences, Clontech and Invitrogen Corporation as well as in fast-paced startup companies

Rachel Gabay, Senior Consulting Partner (Israel)

Rachel brings more than 13 years of management experience in strategic international marketing and product management for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including Teva Pharmaceutical, Biogen and Eli Lilly. She has launched international marketing campaigns and provided consultation in business analysis, market evaluation and intellectual property strategy. Rachel has a MSc. in Developmental Biology from Hebrew University and an MBA from The College of Management–Academic Studies Division, Israel.

Aditya Sengupta, Senior Consulting Partner (India)

Aditya contributes 14 years of business experience and eight years of research and postdoctoral experience to the team. He worked at BioRad in the life science business, developing expertise in proteomics, micro array, multiplexing and imaging technology. Aditya additionally brings senior management experience from working at Millipore as a national sales manager, developing further knowledge in drug discovery and sample preparation. Aditya has a PhD. in Molecular Biology from Calcutta University.

Malcolm Lee, Senior Consulting Partner (UK)

Malcolm is a graduate biologist with more than 30 years experience in the scientific instrumentation industry. Malcolm has a comprehensive sales and marketing background on a worldwide basis, working at the director level for Thermo Electron and more recently Biochrom Ltd. He has established worldwide distribution, been instrumental in taking new technologies to market and been directly involved in acquisitions.

Mark Daniels, Senior Consulting Partner (Southeast Asia)

Mark Daniels brings more than 30 years experience in life sciences, with an R&D background in academic research, technology development and biopharmaceuticals in the San Francisco Bay Area (Cetus, California Biotechnology, Pharmacia Biotech). Mark has spent the past 20 years supporting and developing global business development, including the past 13 years on the ground in Asia as general manager in Southeast Asia for Amersham/GE Healthcare, then as director of the Bionoetikos consulting group. His expertise includes Asian emerging markets, new business startups, distribution development and negotiation support for bioscience companies.

Neil Winterbottom, Senior Consulting Partner (USA)

Neil has led medical device, diagnostic and combination product R&D teams from concept to commercialization for more than 18 years, including more than five years launching new ventures. He’s played a scientific and technical role for regulatory, business development, manufacturing, quality, sales and marketing groups at companies from startups to multinationals (Metra Biosystems, Fusion Medical Technologies, Baxter Healthcare). His most recent position was VP of R&D at Tenaxis Medical. Neil holds a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences from Manchester Polytechnic in the UK and a Ph.D. in Oral Biology (Biochemistry) from the University of Alberta, Canada. He also has significant experience in managing the environmental, health and safety systems of biotech and medical businesses.

Robert A. Feldman, Ph.D., Senior Consulting Partner (USA)

Robert has over 25 years experience in biotech/academia, R&D, operations and management. He has served on the faculty at Rutgers and the University of Delaware, and holds a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of Hawaii and undergraduate degrees from the University of Illinois. Robert has built and directed high throughput genomics labs at Diversa Corp. and Amersham Biosciences, and served as CEO and President of Symbio. Areas of expertise include DNA sequencing and analysis, genomics, bioinformatics, pipeline architecture and databasing, and business development. .

Additional contributing advisors are based in the USA, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and China.

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